The more opportunities to visit your site from different devices, the more potential customers. Fast download and convenient usability
This is a completely new site. You can post completely different content, for the needs of this visitors group. In the mobile version unlimited possibilities
SEO indicators
It's no secret that sites with a mobile version will always be a step ahead than without. And if they still correspond to the parameters of "Mobile friendly" from Google, then they have a huge bust in SEO.

Adaptive website design

Advantages of developing an adaptive site

Wherever your potential customer is located, from whatever gadget he enters, he will always see the standard version of your site
The site is still the same, but conveniently displayed under different screen resolutions. If you want, you can hide some content (blocks, information)
SEO indicators
As in the mobile version only pluses, increase goes to the main pages of the site
How it works?

We develop both adaptive design and mobile version, when you order website it can be combined


Adaptive design or mobile version


Standard version of your site


Adaptive design or mobile version

More opportunities, more customers

Mobile version of the site — this is a completely new site with the development of individual design for mobile devices. In this concept, the designer’s task is to properly give information, using the minimum area. The content is mostly reduced for the user’s concentration on the basic information of the site. It also changes the structure of the site for easy submission of material, there are only pieces of design that the user would know that this is the same site as the PC.

Adaptive version of the site — this is a design that adapts to the screen resolution. Adaptive design for tablets and mobile devices involves the implementation of a separate CSS file (special layout) for different screens. The site will be displayed on all screens equally, if you want, you can remove some blocks.



Each site is different and has a purpose. Write to us and our experts will help you and offer necessary solution.

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