Website creation

Creation of the website very laborious work, it is necessary not just to create the attractive website for users, but also for search robots. During creation of the website it is necessary to consider many factors, for example the correct submission of info for desire of client to learn more about you, and making the order. This is what we are doing, we not only do the functional, beautiful websites, but also we think about every detail .

SSL certificate

SSL certificate is the security of your website and your savings. It works on the https protocol, which allows you to be sure in security of your site. To date, the SSL certificate plays a big role in approving such a "giant" as Google. Since 2017, search engines have called everyone to a "secure internet". Those who do not switch to https, sooner or later, expect a frightening red inscription in the search bar. Be in a trend with us.

Google pagespeed

Google loves fast sites. Service from Google - "Google pagespeed" allows you to determine the download speed of your site and the weaknesses that need to be fixed. A fast site for customers is only part of the success, but as Google writes "The algorithms for ranking search results include the criterion: site speed." This means, with the correct optimization of speed, you can increase the search parameters.

Mobile friendly

Today, more and more people prefer to visit sites from mobile devices, and these indicators are growing every day. Optimizing your site for mobile devices will allow you to get more traffic to your site, therefore more orders. And of course, let's not forget about SEO optimization for different devices is an integral part of promoting your website on the Internet.

W3C HTML Validator

W3C is an HTML standard. Speaking more simply, this service shows how correctly HTML should be written. If the analysis on your site shows errors, this indicates that your code is invalid html code. For search engines (SEO), quality code plays a big role because search engines should read pages and find relevant content on it, and if there are a lot of errors in HTML, it simply can not find it.
Николай Олейник
Nikolay Oleynik
Manager "Michael Kors"

The task was to create an interactive, exquisite site. We wanted to make everything convenient for the user and also different from the others. We addressed to these specialists. In the end, we saved a decent amount and got what we wanted, Thank you.

Алексей Новецкий
Alex Noveckie
Director of "PSS"

I couldn’t understand why some pages are hardly indexed and long loaded… I have asked for the help to these experts, there was a problem in data processing and not correct inquiries. Many thanks, for the done work.

Nadin Damidova
Director of "Modda"

Planning the opening of the online store for me was something, beyond the heavy task. It’s good that I met them. Always listen and offer the best solution, and was a lot to listen ) Thank you.